Affiliate Bonuses

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There are two main bonuses for the Photolemur launch and 18 semi-exclusive unadvertised bonuses.

Make sure to tell your customers that all bonuses are only available if they purchase the ‘Family license’ edition of Photolemur.

Bonuses are auto-delivered inside the VideoElementsFX members area (same applies for the main Photolemur software and the serial key)

Early Bird Bonus #1:

2000+ High Quality Stock Photos

All Compatiable Inside Photolemur

A massive collection of over 2000+ royalty and copyright free stock image photos. All photos are delivered in JPG format and are 100% compatible inside Photolemur plus they will work with the Photolemur batch function so you can easily enhance all of these photos and use them inside your multimedia projects. These photos come in a range of different themes and are perfect for any niche or business.

Early Bird Bonus #2:

VideoElementsFX Club Group

Lifetime access to the VideoElementsFX Facebook Group With Monthly Stock Media Assets Delivered Monthly!

Monthly Stock Footage Videos

Monthly Stock Image Photos

Monthly Transparent


Monthly Picture

Clip Arts

Special Semi-Exclusive  Bonuses For:

Photolemur Family License

(You have to purchase Photolemur Family License to claim the below bonuses)

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #1:

200 Background Images

A sweet collection of over 200 high-quality background images. These backgrounds are perfect for pretty much any use such as websites and videos. Add them to your projects to instantly make your projects stand out from your competitors.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #2:

Character Videos Collection

This bonus features a amazing collection of ‘Niche Specific’ animated background character videos. The videos have been animated by professional animators, so don’t expect low quality backgrounds with this bonus. These are great for using on your clients, especially if your in local marketing.

This bonus is a stunning collection of 300 ready made logo templates. All logos are easy to edit and are already made, so all you have to change is the text. Start your own income stream by offering logo creation for offline clients and make potential massive profits. (Selling the for $200 a pop!) You can even sell on them on Fiverr for quick profits.  

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #5:

Mega Logo Templates

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #6:

Transparent People Images

100 beautiful copyright and royalty free transparent business images. These images are formatted with a transparent background so you can easily drag and drop them over your videos, websites or even your Photolemr photos!

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #7:

200+ Background Images

200+ amazing background images - These backgrounds are in an animated knd of style. Perfect for any use where you need a background… your videos, photos and websites plus more!

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #8:

3D Man Characters

These 3D male characters are formatted in transparent PNG format. Drag and drop them over any other media to make your projects stand out from the crowd. All images are high resolution with 3000x3000 pixels for maximum use.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #9:

Big Live Footage Bundle

Premium high quality footage that you can use for any of your projects. You also could add them in as website backgrounds to make your websites stand out. Add them with Photolemur photos for maximum conversions!

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #10:

Graphics Tornado

You’ve got the power to enhance photos, but you will also need graphics for your multimedia projects. This stunning collection of over 500+ exclusively done-for-you marketing graphics solves that problem.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #11:

Animated Web Graphics

Add this brand new bonus package of high-quality animated web graphics to your multimedia projects to instantly enhance them. (Add them to your Photolemur photos to double the effect)

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #12:

Easter Vector Images

Depending on when your reading this, Easter will be coming up quite soon. Get your easter marketing ready before any of your competitors with this massive collection of eye-catching high-quality easter vector images.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #13:

200 Stock Footage Videos

200 HD Stock Footage Videos in a range of different themes, nature, animated, tech, people, business, city, blurred etc.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #14:

Business Clip Arts

Amazing high-quality collection of business cliparts. Perfect for your own personal projects and also your clients.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #15:

100 Animated Icons

200+ Background Images, great for videos and websites.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #16:

Various Stock Images

An amazing collection of various stock photos. All ready to be enhanced inside Photolemur, and then used inside your own media projects, or you clients.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #17:

Web Graphics Pack

A super mega package of over 1,600+ professional quality web graphics and images. Just like all bonuses, this one comes with a commercial/client license so you can start generating profits with this amazing graphics collection!

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #18:

Futuristic Video Backgrounds

55 4K Ultra High Definition Futuristic Background Videos - Use these high-quality stock footage videos to enhance your video projects while using Photolemur to enhance your photos to make your projects groundbreaking.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #19:

3D Cutie Characters

3D Cutie Character with Real, Transparent PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #20:

ECover Graphics Pack

Instant Access to Ultimate ECover Mega Graphics Pack Designed to Increase Your Conversions & Sales Starting TODAY...

Semi-Exclusive Bonus #21:

Transparent Business Images

Great cutout transparent images (business style) , perfect for videos, presentations and websites!

Remember Above Bonuses Are Only For The 'Photolemur Family License'

(You have to purchase Photolemur Family License to claim the below bonuses)

How to access your bonuses: